Blak History Month: SHOP

Blak History Month, which takes place over the month of July, has been celebrated in Australia since 2008. It is a people’s movement that seeks to be a portal for positive action by, for and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. A month of celebration and pride for Australia’s Indigenous histories and cultures of which are part of the oldest living continuous culture in the world.  

This Blak History Month, we’re celebrating by sharing some of our favourite resources – from things to watch, read and listen, to places to shop and where you can support through donating, here and across social media.

Support Indigenous makers by shopping with them and celebrating their incredible wares. Adorn your home with powerful art from Charlotte Allingham (@Coffinbirth) or beautiful textiles from Injalak Arts, or adorn your body with our all-time favourite – jewellery from Haus of Dizzy. Shop below and share your favourites with us on social media too so we can add to our list and spread the love – you’ll find us @theequalityinstitute

It’s important to acknowledge that we live on stolen lands here in Australia. Sovereignty was never ceded, nor has a treaty been made. If you’d like to learn more about how to be an ally, click here, and to learn more about Blak History Month, visit the website here.  

Haus of Dizzy  : jewellery

Haus of Dizzy: jewellery

North  : apparel and interiors

North: apparel and interiors

Injalak Arts:   textiles, homewares and apparel

Injalak Arts: textiles, homewares and apparel

Life Apparel Co  : apparel and accessories

Life Apparel Co: apparel and accessories

Bábbara  : fabrics, art and apparel

Bábbara: fabrics, art and apparel

Arkie The Label  : art, apparel and accessories

Arkie The Label: art, apparel and accessories

Bundarra  : apparel and accessories

Bundarra: apparel and accessories