Global Scoping of Advocacy and Funding for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls

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WHAT: The paper presents findings from a global scoping of funding and advocacy within the VAWG prevention field. It provides an overview of funding patterns for VAWG prevention programming over the past five years including current donors and the estimated size of their investments; provides an overview of lessons learned, opportunities and gaps in the advocacy space on VAWG prevention; and includes recommendations for funding and advocacy opportunities. The Equality Institute was invited to present this report at Wilton Park in the United Kingdom.

WHO: The paper identifies strategic advocacy opportunities and programming related to VAWG prevention, particularly for policy-makers and donors.

HOW: The scoping was conducted between February and May 2018 and included: desk-based reviews of current advocacy campaigns and organisations, and of donor funding patterns, and; 24 semi-structured key informant interviews with stakeholders from the global VAWG prevention field, including those working in advocacy and campaigning, donors and private foundations, practitioners and thought leaders.

WHY: While the scale of VAWG is immense, there is increasing evidence that rates of violence can be reduced within programmatic timeframes, and several key elements to effective prevention programming have been identified. Despite this progress, funding for violence prevention is inadequate and effective advocacy at the global level remains limited. This report presents recommendations for funding and advocacy in the prevention of VAWG.

Download the report here.