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Gates Foundation Gender Equality Toolbox

The EQI was engaged by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation across multiple projects relating to the foundation’s Gender Equality Toolbox, including writing a methods note on measuring women and girl’s empowerment, developing and designing a website to house the foundation’s technical gender integration tools, and delivering a branding and communications strategy for the foundation’s inaugural Gender Integration Summit.

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Global Scoping of Advocacy and Funding for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls

The paper presents findings from a global scoping of funding and advocacy within the VAWG prevention field. It provides an overview of funding patterns for VAWG prevention programming over the past five years including current donors and the estimated size of their investments; provides an overview of lessons learned, opportunities and gaps in the advocacy space on VAWG prevention; and includes recommendations for funding and advocacy opportunities. The Equality Institute was invited to present this report at Wilton Park in the United Kingdom.

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COFEM Feminist Pocketbook

The Equality Institute were engaged by COFEM to research and develop a series of tip sheets that formed the COFEM Feminist Pocketbook - a resource to help practitioners working in humanitarian and development contexts to articulate and implement feminist approaches in addressing violence against women and girls (VAWG), also known as gender-based violence (GBV).

The pocketbook consists of ten concise ‘tip sheets’ on key topics for addressing GBV in humanitarian and development settings, such as shifting interpretations of terminology relating to gender and GBC, male accountability in efforts to address GBV, and working with other social justice movements collaboratively. 

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Pathways Between Childhood Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence and Harsh Parenting: Findings from the UN Multi-Country Study on Men and Violence in Asia and the Pacific

Our Director, Dr Emma Fulu, was the lead author and research coordinator, with contributions from our Research Associate Sarah McCook, on this research into the pathways between childhood trauma, intimate partner violence and harsh parenting practices.

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Association Among Father Involvement, Partner Violence, and Paternal Health: UN Multi-Country Cross-Sectional Study on Men and Violence

The Director of The Equality Institute Dr Emma Fulu, co-authored the research paper Association Among Father Involvement, Partner Violence and Paternal Health: UN Multi-Country Cross-Sectional Study on Men and Violence, which was published in the 2017 American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

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Why We Should Integrate Male Sexual Diversity into Violence Prevention Efforts with Men and Boys

The Director of The Equality Institute, Dr Emma Fulu, co-authored the article Integrating male sexual diversity into violence prevention efforts with men and boys: evidence from the Asia-Pacific Region which features in the latest issue of Culture, Health & Sexuality.

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