DFID and GSDRC Reading List

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We wholeheartedly support the rise in research, journal articles and news stories related to violence against women. But it can be difficult to know what is credible or what has the best information or evidence.

Click here to access a reading list and guiding questions for violence against women and girls and development professionals.

Produced for DFID in partnership with GSDRC, a consortium of research bodies that advise major development agencies, the reading pack provides open access to some of the most important and reliable research articles of the past decade. You can use it to build your knowledge of violence against women and what’s working around the world to prevent and respond to it. The reading pack also provides a list of questions to guide thinking and ideas for professionals working in this area.

Readings cover:

  • Systematic literature reviews of global evidence

  • Quantitative research on different types of violence

  • Ways to work with men and boys that do not overshadow women

  • How experiences of conflict influence the use of violence in relationships

  • Evidence on what is driving violence at a population level

  • Approaches to including conceptual understandings of globalisation into work on violence

A webinar (above) was also produced with Dr Lori Heise (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) and Dr Emma Fulu (The Equality Institute) on social norms and violence against women and girls. Watch it below.