Putting the Prevention of Violence Against Women into Practice: How to Change the Story


Our Watch

This Our Watch companion guide to Change the story: A shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia, was co-written by The Equality Institute and funded by VicHealth.

Where Change the Story outlined the framework of violence against women, the Handbook provides practical assistance and resources for the planning, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based prevention initiatives that align with the framework. It includes detailed case studies, tools and resources that illustrate good practice on how to enforce positive action and change. While the Handbook is aimed at prevention practitioners in the field, it also caters to a broader audience. It demonstrates how everyone can assist in the prevention of violence against women in their own context, whether that is within a workplace, school, local government or non-government organisation.

Key elements of primary prevention of violence against women covered in the Handbook include:

  • Drivers of violence against women and essential actions to prevent this violence

  • Links between gender inequality and violence against women

  • Key principles and good practice approaches

  • The need to address harmful gender norms, practices and structures

  • Key settings and techniques of primary prevention

  • Planning, implementing and evaluating your prevention work

  • Developing and implementing a media and communications strategy

Access the Handbook here.