WHAT: We built our brand and community from the ground up, using effective digital and communications strategies to grow our audiences online while improving engagement with our movement. We now speak to over 50k followers online every day through creative content that challenges social norms, empowers individuals and contributes to the prevention of violence against women and girls.

WHO: We use these skills and services in a range of settings, including development contexts, working with organisations to support them in effective communications. This can be brought to life through a range of services, such as creative design and direction for campaigns, content creation, community engagement and media-based interventions. For example, the EQI was engaged by SVRI to provide capacity training to researchers on how to communicate their findings effectively.

HOW: We adopt a holistic approach to communications, creating consistent, engaging and relevant content that’s hosted on our website and shared across our platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Whether speaking to a specific campaign, or simply to our everyday audience, we celebrate our community and educate our followers using our presence to drive impact and social change. 

WHY: There are many moving parts to achieving social change and addressing inequality. People use social media and online communities to understand the world and their place in it. In order to shift social norms, we need to look to the spaces and places in which mainstream discourse takes place and effectively target these audiences. Online platforms and social media allow us to engage with these topics and issues in a way that is accessible, positive and empowering.