Sarah Gosper

Research Associate

Sarah Gosper.jpeg

What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

A teacher. Part of me still does.

What happened in-between?

had a love affair with China and ended up living in a small town in Eastern China.  I had a few defining moments while I was there and so came home to focus on gender and development. 

What are you doing now? Do you like that?

I pretty much have my ideal job right now – gender-focused research. I’m working on a bit of everything from the world over.

Does the patriarchy get you down? Like, do you ever just feel really annoyed by the way women get treated?

All the time. I can’t even get on my bicycle to ride down to the shops without being yelled at. It’s the little things like that frustrate me the most. But I do think there is a gradual shift in societal thought and behaviour. The hope and belief in that keeps me going.

Who's your fave feminist icon?

Can I have two? Sylvia Plath and Cynthia Enloe. Both women had a huge impact on me. Plath on how I viewed myself as a young woman, and Enloe in influencing the way I interpreted the world. Over the years there have been many amazing women I’ve known personally and read extensively who continue to inspire and challenge me, and I love that.