Scarlett Thorby-Lister

Visual Designer

Scarlett Headshot.jpg

What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

Many things, which changed from week to week, but the main theme was working with animals - I either wanted to be a vet, the next David Attenborough, or work with gorillas as the next Dian Fossey.

What happened in-between?

An unexpected life path - so many things I never expected happened to me. In short, I overcame adversity, found design as my calling, and grew and grew and traveled around the world and slowly formed into the person I am now.

What are you doing now? Do you like that?

I've just moved to Melbourne from Sydney - I packed up my life and left everything I'd ever known with nothing solidified down here. Now I feel for the first time in my life that I am where I am meant to be - I feel at home in Melbourne and so stoked about everything going on in my life. It's all really exciting and the best bit is being able to do something I love and am really passionate about for work.

Does the patriarchy get you down? Like, do you ever just feel really annoyed by the way women get treated?

Oh, all the time. I feel like we grow up being conditioned to have all these thoughts and ideas that are totally wrong. The way I found feminism was almost like stepping out from a fog, and realising that so much about the way we live is a product of the patriarchal system currently in place, and that has to change! So as much as it gets me down, it feels good to be aware of it and to make change. It's really empowering knowing that you will no longer keep your mouth shut when some creep tells you to 'smile more'.

Who's your fave feminist icon?

So so many, I can't name one icon - but can I say instead that the most inspiring feminist content available online is to me the StyleLikeU team creating the What's Underneath project. It's the most incredible series of interviews with all these amazingly diverse and inspiring people.