Dr Emma Fulu presenting at the 2016 Victorian Women's Conference

Dr Emma Fulu presenting at the 2016 Victorian Women's Conference

At the beginning of May, our Founder and Director, Dr Emma Fulu, took part in the 2016 Victorian Women’s Conference held in Melbourne. The conference was run by the Women’s Committee of the Australian Services Union’s Victorian and Tasmanian Authorities and Services Branch.

Dr Fulu presented to the approximately 100 female union members in attendance. The members were from a range of service sectors including council employees, authorities, and social and community sector workers, especially from the not for profit sector.

As an expert on violence against women prevalence and prevention, Dr Fulu discussed how violence infiltrates every part of society, and how it follows similar patterns across countries. For example, women are most at risk from violence by an intimate partner even in conflict and post-conflict settings. 

Dr Fulu also presented on the factors that contribute to violence against women. The main driver of violence is gender inequality and models of manhood that promote dominance and control over women; issues needing urgent action by all nations. This includes addressing the norms and structural inequalities that reinforce violence.

Finally, Dr Fulu presented on how unions and workplaces have a role to play in violence prevention. Within every sector, leadership has the opportunity to be part of the solution and contribute to societal change. By promoting gender equality through ensuring that men and women have equal opportunities, are adequately supported, and are safe from violence and harassment, workplaces can contribute to violence prevention.

We thank the Australian Services Union for giving us the opportunity to join the 2016 Victorian Women’s Conference, and to share our knowledge and experience in the aim of achieving our shared goals on gender equality and violence prevention.