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A black and white photo of a Black man standing underneath an umbrella in a crowd of people, wearing a mask. The two book covers, 'Talking To My Country' by Stan Grant, and 'Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race' by Reni Eddo-Lodge, are superimposed over the photo.

This month’s book list is focused on anti-racism, decolonising, and decentring Whiteness.

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Photograph of a White person holding a fragmentated shard of mirror in their hand, which shows a reflection of their eye. The rest of the image is blurred, so we can't see the background.

Confronting uncomfortable truths

Our Work / 23.02.2023

What we’ve been learning from attempting to decolonise our research practice.

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A photograph of the back of a man wearing an expensive-looking grey blazer standing in front of a piece of colonial art depicting lots of men in historical clothing.

“For feminist decolonial scholars, our positionality is the embodied pivot from which our...

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An illustration of a woman standing with her fist in the air and hair blowing all around her face. Her hair is coloured with the colours of the Iranian flag, and the ends of her hair turn into red drops of blood.

Content note: institutional and state violence and protests One of the world’s largest feminist...

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Photo of two young queer Black people laughing with each other. One leans over the other who looks like they're laying down, and is about to touch their face. They both look happy and cheeky and intimate.

Not sure about what consent looks like or how you could ask for it? Here is everything you need to...

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Not sure what self-love looks like, or how you can put it into practice? You’re not alone. We know...

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