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Collage-style photos and illustration of three different Pacific people. One is a young girl holding a sign reading 'no one can own anyone, one is a woman giving a speech at a podium covered in flowers, and one is a young female sports player.

'Change is Possible' Animation

Creative Communications

We recently partnered with UN Women Fiji MCO to develop and deliver a range of knowledge and...

Almost 2 in 3 women have experienced physical and/or sexual vioelnce by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

Co-created with House of Sarah and UN Women Fiji Multi-Country Office (MCO), this paper tells the...

Illustrated footsteps across a blue background. An illustrated coolamon and a concentric dot painting. All adapted from artwork by Shirleen Nampajinpa Campbell.

We are excited to present our 5-Year Northern Territory Strategic Plan (NT Strategic Plan). The NT...

Venn diagram of equally-overlapping circles. One labelled

The Equality Institute (EQI) was engaged by Nabilan to conduct a Secondary Data Analysis of Nabilan...

A group photo of the BAHM participants, some kneeling and some sitting down. They are smiling and all holding a bright yellow sunflower.

In Dili, Timor-Leste, EQI has piloted a new feminist leadership incubator, providing a...

11 members of the Tangentyere Women's Family Safety Group posing on a hike at Kings Canyon, some are standing and others sit. Trees and rocks surround them. They look happy.

As part of the three-year “Tangentyere Collective Care project”, EQI has helped facilitate two...

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A cover image of the Evidence Snapshot: What we know about domestic, family, and sexual violence in the Northern Territory - and what we don’t

Research & Learning

The Northern Territory has some of the highest rates of domestic, family and sexual violence in...

Research & Learning

Most diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are failing. Here’s what to do instead.

The cover of Confronting Uncomfortable Truths: Learning lessons for decolonising The Equality Intitute's research and knowledge practices. Prepared for The Equality Institute (EQI) by Sarah Homan with input from Loksee Leung, and members of EQI's research team. Photograph of a light-skinned person holding a fragmentated shard of mirror in their hand, which shows a reflection of their eye. The rest of the image is blurred, so we can't see the background.

Research & Learning

This paper emerges from our commitment to continuously learn, improve our practice, and foster...

The front cover of 'Who uses domestic, family, and sexual violence, how, and why? The State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration' published by QUT. Line illustration with abstract art of a person looking away. The cover uses dark and bright tones of blue, and has abstract shapes.

Research & Learning

This report provides a focused examination of violence perpetration in Australia, in order to...

Cover of 'Tarngajuku Pangukujuku Pirrjirdi - Channels of Hope: Adaptation of 'Hopeful, Together, Strong' Framework'. It has the title written on it along with the date (2021). It is a deep ochre-red, with a couple of earthy coloured lines swirling on the cover.

Research & Learning

Tarngajuku Pangukujuku Pirrjirdi principles is the first adaptation of the Hopeful, Together,...

Cover of the 'Rante-rante ampe Marle and Urreye: Implications for policy and practice' report. Authors: Chay Brown, Sarah Homan, Carmel Simpson, and Loksee Leung.  Research to policy & practice November 2021. ANROWS and Tangentyere Council logos.

Research & Learning

Funded by the ANROWS Research Fund to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children...