Welcome to The
Equality Institute

The Equality Institute (EQI) is a global research and creative agency working to advance gender equality and prevent violence against women and girls. We work with clients and collaborators to develop research, guide policies and programmes, and design creative campaigns to incite social change across the world.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Emma Fulu (read Emma’s story here), the EQI was born from the belief that our world would benefit from more organisations and programmes, working with a distinctly intersectional and feminist approach, to lead work in the prevention of violence against women and girls. Once a little idea to drive big change, the EQI has now evolved into an established organisation, grounded in local engagement, while setting a global agenda – something we’re pretty proud of. 

Along the way, we’ve discovered that it’s absolutely possible to do work you deeply care about and look after yourself in the process. We’ve learnt that encouraging a holistic sense of wellbeing is vital to a healthy and happy workplace.

We believe in celebrating the wins, being grateful for the everyday and taking time out to appreciate progress made. There’s a lot of work to be done and, sometimes, it can seem overwhelming or, at the very least, slow. That’s why we embrace positivity – always – and do our best to balance the coffee and cake with yoga and meditation. It’s a work in progress – but so are we.



Our approach to change

We work to understand what the drivers of violence against women are in different contexts, and then pinpoint effective solutions to stop these. We communicate our findings in ways that are accessible and inclusive, and work with people and organisations who use this data and research to create change.

At the EQI, we take an intersectional approach in all that we do and recognise the impact of gender inequality on everyone. Yes, our focus is on the prevention of violence against women and girls, but we know that gender equality benefits all. We understand that different factors and a person’s multiple identities, relating not only to gender, but also to race, ability, age, education, sexuality, class, ethnicity, religion and more - can impact one’s experience of discrimination. These multiple identities and factors intersect and intertwine, which means gender equality cannot be achieved without all forms of equality.

We’re governed by values of inclusivity, positivity, creativity, courage and feminism. These values are embedded in everything we do. We are feminist and community-led, in our practices, processes and research. We live and breathe our values as an organisation and as individuals.



Our team

We bring together the world’s best gender experts and industry leaders from a range of fields, including research, humanitarian response, design, media and film, to build holistic solutions to the problem of violence against women and girls. We may be small but we’re fierce.



Our impact

The Equality Institute has worked across 13 countries (and counting), with the governments of Australia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Georgia, Khazakhstan and more, to understand and improve the systems that serve women. Our clients have included UNDP, Oxfam, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Amnesty International, among others.

Over the last three years we have conducted 50 studies around the world, including national prevalence studies, programme evaluations, and systematic evidence reviews. We have trained hundreds of researchers, practitioners and policymakers to better understand what causes violence against women. We are driving a seismic shift in the way violence against women is understood to improve the system as a whole at every step of the way. 

We build feminist movements, educate our community, challenge social norms and advocate for equality to our online audience of over 30k people on a daily basis. Find us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

If you want to work together or you’re interested in finding out more about what we do, get in touch here.


The Equality Hub

The Equality Hub is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity with the ACNC, founded by The Equality Institute. The Equality Hub strengthens and supports feminist movements in Australia. We aim to create networks of solidarity to advance gender equality, drive social change and prevent violence against women and girls.

We recognise that gender inequality intersects with other forms of discrimination and oppression and we are inclusive and intersectional. There is no gender equality, without all forms of equality. We believe in the strength, courage, creativity and resilience of women and girls. Through events, collaborations and projects, The Equality Hub aims to contribute to grassroots activism by listening to, and amplifying, the voices and stories of women and girls, especially those from First Nations, and other communities that have, and continue to be, marginalised.

We build on a proud history of feminist organising and acknowledge the efforts of individuals and organisations around the world. The Equality Hub commits to being an active partner to these movements. We’ll be sharing more information soon. Stay tuned.


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