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We are unique in our ability to combine world-class research with creative communications. This allows us to promote an evidence-based approach, communicate effectively with diverse audiences, and translate complex research and ideas into innovative products that drive real impact.

We work across the interconnected areas of Research and Evaluation, Creative Communications, Policy and Advocacy and Learning and Transformation. Find out more about our services below.

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Research & Evaluation

Ending VAWG requires building the evidence base, supporting uptake of innovative models and methodologies, and ongoing critical reflection and learning.

We design and deliver rigorous, safe, and ethical research on sensitive topics related to gender, social norms and VAWG across the globe. We use a range of methodologies, including feminist-informed, participatory action research, ethnographic, quantitative, and qualitative methods, to build the evidence and provide useful recommendations to inform policy and programming.

We conduct a range of comprehensive evidence and literature reviews, to identify, critically evaluate, and summarise available data and research to guide decision-making and identify gaps and priority areas for future research.

We design and conduct fit-for-purpose and feminist-informed impact and process evaluations for a diverse range of clients, with a view to assess both outcomes of, and deliver best practice in, prevention programming.

We support organisations to develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks that promote ongoing learning and programme improvement; contribute to the development of international indicators on VAWG; and create national and regional strategies and tools for population-level monitoring.

Capacity strengthening makes up a core component of many or our wider research, policy advocacy and communications projects, and we also conduct a variety of stand-alone workshops and trainings, develop resources, manuals, and tools related to gender equality and prevention practice.

Creative Communications

Strategic communications ensures the evidence reaches the right people, while promoting a global feminist conversation and igniting social change.

Across all our creative communications services, we take a strategic and holistic approach, to achieve identified goals, considering the objectives and audiences, alongside the most effective messaging, method and channels. From digital design, to community building and engagement, to campaign design and delivery, we work with organisations across the globe in conceptualising, designing and delivering communications with an intersectional gender lens. Communications that work to transform harmful social norms, prevent violence against women and girls and advance gender equality.

We believe design matters, and our creative communications always take a human-centred and design-forward approach, because we know that good design helps important evidence and information reach, and engage, broader audiences. Our visual design services span graphic design, publication design (digital and print), infographics, presentations, assets and templates to streamline processes, social media tiles, email design, UX design and more. Importantly, we prioritise accessibility to ensure the end products are not only beautiful and engaging, but inclusive.

We bring together a wealth of expertise in gender, intersectional feminism, storytelling and design, to produce cutting edge multimedia content and media-based interventions, that speak to broad audiences, transform social norms, drive more effective research uptake and advocate for prevention. Including campaign design and delivery and multi-channel content creation, we transform information, research and data, into stories, podcasts, shareable memes, engaging illustrations, thought-provoking infographics, e-learning and educational tools and resources, and impactful experiences.

We know the power of film and video, including animation, to engage broad audiences and ignite social change. Our team includes filmmakers who understand how to use film to tell stories that connect with viewers, including branded global or local campaigns, online education, impact-driven documentaries or web series, and more.

Policy & Advocacy

Policy and advocacy, as well as connecting and amplifying the work of a multi-generational field of feminist leaders, are key to support violence prevention efforts.

We advise on, and design, effective gender impact analysis and tools to help organisations and governments apply a gender lens to their work to ensure policies, programs and services meet the different needs of women, men and gender diverse people.

Leveraging our research and communications expertise, we promote evidence-based and feminist informed gender equality and violence prevention strategies. Through strategic engagement and advocacy we shape funding patterns, policy and practice in Australia and internationally.

We provide strategic advice and policy support based on evidence, in the areas of promoting gender equality and the prevention of violence against women and children, based on decades of experience across multiple sectors and within governments, local and international NGOs, academia, multi-lateral agencies and donors.

We support existing and emerging feminist leaders to drive transformational change and lead with their full potential. We provide tailored technical support and training, mentorship, spaces of solidarity, self-care and shared learning for existing and emerging leaders doing innovative, risky and ambitious work.