The Right(s) Evidence: Sex Work, Violence and HIV in Asia

Image by Chris Palethorpe.

Image by Chris Palethorpe.

United Nations Population Fund and United Nations Development Programme

The Director of the Equality Institute, Dr Emma Fulu, was engaged by United Nations agencies along with academics, governments, and sex worker community groups in the aim of addressing gaps in knowledge regarding the links between sex work, violence and HIV in Asia.

The study took place in four country sites (Jakarta, Indonesia; Yangon, Myanmar; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Colombo, Sri Lanka), and comprised of 123 peer-to-peer in-depth qualitative interviews and 41 key informant interviews. The Right(s) Evidence provides a comprehensive picture and analysis of female, male and transgender sex workers' experiences of violence, the factors that increase or decrease their vulnerability to violence, and how violence relates to the risk of HIV transmission. 

In addition to key findings, the report presents recommendations for reforming laws, law enforcement practices, and programmes in order to strengthen prevention and response to violence against female, male and transgender sex workers in the four countries.