WHAT: The EQI was engaged by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to write a methods note on measuring women and girl’s empowerment. The EQI then transformed this methods note into an electronic, user-friendly version and developed and designed an accompanying website to house the foundation’s technical gender integration tools. The Gates Gender Equality Toolbox was launched as part of the Gates Foundation’s inaugural Gender Equality Summit. The EQI was further engaged to design and develop a branding and communications strategy for the summit, including a visual identity, logo, tagline, digital and print assets, and creative collateral such as stickers, pins, cookies and notebooks for guests.

WHO: The Gates Gender Equality Toolbox is made up of tools that can guide foundation staff and partners in designing, managing and measuring the results and impact of gender intentional and gender transformative programs and investments.

HOW:  The EQI worked closely with foundation staff across all facets of the project - from developing, writing and designing the methods note on measuring women and girls’ empowerment using research completed by the Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands (KIT) Gender Team, to managing the site design and build of the Gender Equality Toolbox, and producing an effective marketing and branding campaign for the tools and summit.

WHY: The website was created to share the tools and guidance that the foundation has developed internally to help program officers integrate gender considerations in their work, with the hope that the tools will also serve as resources to the broader development community and inspire conversations and actions to advance gender equality around the globe.