Winner – Second Place of the 2016 Mosman Youth Awards in Literature

Photo by Katie Barrett

Photo by Katie Barrett

She tells me she is sorry

She apologised because I don’t have a dad

She sighs

She too is lonely but she says she is happy with me


I have a friend

She doesn’t, she works all the time for me.


I lost a friend.

Her mum told her I was unfortunate,

Capable of bad influence.


Mum tells me she is sorry.

She sighs


She steps on the ladder to grab the tools.

Her finger bleeds

I tell her I don’t need a desk


I go to school, they get picked up by their dads      

I sigh        


A desk awaits at home

And a bin full of tissues and an empty band aid box


I have no friends, they think I am sad.

They think my mum and I are unlucky.

Mum tells me she has everything in this world.


I tell her I have friends

I tell her I am happy

I tell her I am sorry

I sigh

Aah-Young Choi is in her last year at Pymble Ladies’ College, studying English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Italian. Her background is South Korean.

Aah-Young was raised by a single mum and grew up looking up to this strong, independent woman. The adversities that her mum faced, however, did not go unnoticed by Aah-Young, sparking a passion for human rights and justice work. Her poem above is a manifestation of this and the belief she holds in that women are the strongest subjects in society.

Aah-Young has volunteered her time to various human rights projects and organisations in addition to founding her own organisation. Human Talk aims to provide a medium for people to discuss matters important to them. Currently, the organisation is working on the topic of women in society.