Dr Emma Fulu with the training participants 

Dr Emma Fulu with the training participants 

At the end of April, the Equality Institute along with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supported the Department for Community Development in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in conducting a training on gender-based violence and statistics with a group of eminent local researchers from across the country.

The PNG Government and civil society have undertaken an impressive array of work to address gender-based violence over many years. However, the existing data points to the fact that gender-based violence remains a serious and pervasive issue in the country. 

The 15 training participants had backgrounds in research, public health, police or policy analysis from universities and research institutes in Port Moresby as well as the UNDP and the Papua New Guinean Government. By taking part in the Equality Institute’s training, participants had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the complexities of gender-based violence, enhance their capacity to conduct ethical research and analyse data, and strengthen their skills in communicating statistics for advocacy purposes.

Although the participants were already experts in their own fields and well-established researchers, the workshop gave them the opportunity to meet, share knowledge, and build a strong network to better coordinate response and prevention research and strategies. This type of training is crucial for professionals in all sectors working on the issue of gender-based violence. It is a powerful tool that connects response and prevention practitioners, researchers and policy makers, and builds opportunities for collaboration on an issue that requires attention by everyone at every level of society.